Thursday, March 13, 2014

Introducing Thirsty Thursdays

Although I love to be in my kitchen cooking, baking and wielding a cocktail shaker, I've actually spent most of my professional career in the big advertising agencies of New York.  It's not exactly like Mad Men...but it's not exactly not like it either.  It's a serious business with a relaxed style.  Business hours are relative, dress codes are non-existent and there's bound to be a bottle of booze in the drawers of at least half the creative department.  OK, maybe more than half.  Don't get me wrong, ad people work seriously hard and till all hours of the night so ad agencies tend to reward the extreme dedication with perks such as free food and weekly booze carts. Some places call it Thirsty Thursdays and some opt for a Friday 4:00 pm cocktail hour but I don't think I've ever worked at an agency that didn't do one or the other.

Those of you that have been following our new blog, A Cocktail Hour, have seen that I've maintained the Thirsty Thursday tradition.  But I'm starting to feature the link here so that you don't have to work hard to find your weekly cocktail inspiration.  This week I'm sharing a sweet and sour delight but check out the links below for the previous boozy treats.  Cheers!


  1. That chocolate hazelnut martini looks sublime! I'll look forward to upcoming Thirsty Thursdays, Anita!

  2. Anita, they are a feast to the eyes, definitely I'm going to check them out.
    Thank you.


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