Wednesday, December 27, 2017

End of Year Round-Up 2017

End-of- Year-Round-Up-2017-1

Happy holidays friends! I'm taking a little break this week, by which I mean I'll be working on finishing loose ends, catching up on paperwork and doing lots of planning for 2018. Yeah, I know, but I have a hard time letting go completely. Regardless, it's a peaceful week around here and I'm getting some much needed rest.

I love looking back at the past year to see what you all really enjoyed and what made it into the top ten most popular recipes on my site. This year it was a mix of sweet and savory, healthy and indulgent and that's a good approach to life anyway. Although, none of the cocktails made it onto the list which is making me question our whole relationship!

I definitely have lots of plans and intentions for the new year. I'd call them resolutions but I think we start to feel like failures the minute we break one of them. Intentions are more gradual, more like a plan for the year. For sure there will be lots of delicious recipes but I'll probably start off a little lighter because I have some cookie calories to work off. Enjoy!

End-of- Year-Round-Up-2017-2

End-of- Year-Round-Up-2017-3

End-of- Year-Round-Up-2017-4

End-of- Year-Round-Up-2017-5

End-of- Year-Round-Up-2017-6

End-of- Year-Round-Up-2017-7

End-of- Year-Round-Up-2017-8


End-of- Year-Round-Up-2017-10

End-of- Year-Round-Up-2017-11

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