Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Month in Review: July 2012

Today we're starting a new monthly round-up feature.  You'll be able to see, at a glance, the recipes that were posted during the previous month and get a recap of any special events, celebrations, holidays, drunken debaucheries...oops! :)  Enjoy!

The Month in Review:  July 2012

July was a busy month here at the Hungry Couple household.  We cooked up lots of great summer food, drank our share of cocktails, guest posted for a friend who was on vacation, had one of our drinks featured in an article, celebrated a birthday and even won a frog naming contest.  Whew!

A Trio of Spiced chickpeas

Deep Blue Sea Martini

Mock Apple Strudel Cups
Mock Apple Strudel Cups for my guest post at The German Foodie

BBQ Pulled Beef

Lemon Coffee Crumb Cake

Frozen Key Lime Daiquiri
We did a round-up of our daiquiri recipes for National Daiquiri Day and Yummly featured our Frozen Key Lime Daiquiri in their article.

Mango Lassi Milkshake

Bread and Asparagus Salad

A Contest, A Cookbook and a Frog Named Ambrose
Adam and Cheryl at Picture Perfect Meals sent me their cookbook as a prize for naming their frog.

Midnight Kiss Cocktail
My friend Heidi at Young Grasshopper mixed up a Midnight Kiss for my birthday.

Rustic Peach Pie


  1. Oh, I like this idea, nice hightlights post.

  2. What a wonderful recap. Beautiful presentation!

  3. great round up! my god does that peach pie look amazing...i'd love a piece or 8 right now!

  4. I like the new monthly round-up feature. It all looks good.

  5. Yes, I'd say a mighty productive and successful month. Looking forward to seeing what you whip up in August :)

  6. Great round up but I have to say the Lemon Coffee Crumb Cake is topping my list!

  7. You had so many gorgeous dishes in July--I still want to try the spiced chickpeas.

  8. Great line-up for July, Anita! Love the spiced chickpeas, and the Midnight Kiss cocktail:)

  9. Love this new feature because I wouldn't want to miss out on any drunken debaucheries ;)

  10. LOVE this round up!! I've missed about a month in the blog world, and this really helped. Those chickpeas have my name all over them!!


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