Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Elderflower Vanilla Champagne Float

Champagne cocktail flavored with elderflower and vanilla ice cream

This is definitely the season for breaking out the champagne and toasting. I actually like bubbly wines a lot but, somehow, I rarely get to it and the corks don't get popped until sometime in December.

Champagne cocktail flavored with elderflower and vanilla ice cream

Still, I was determined not to wait for New Year's Eve this year to have my champagne so I'm offering it for all dinner parties and gatherings because those should be celebrations, too. But, festive as it is, I made it even more so with a sparkling sugar rim, a splash of elderflower liqueur and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The sugar sparkle comes from the Gold Christmas cocktail rimmer made by Dell Cove Spices. It's got flecks of red and green and a whole lot of gold. I chose an extra dry champagne to balance the sweetness of the rim and the ice cream and the combination is fizzy and perfect. Cheers!

Note: If you're nervous about opening a champagne bottle, don't be. It's actually quicker and easier than uncorking a standard bottle of wine. Simply peel off the foil over the cap and you'll see a metal twist tie. Untwist it and discard. Don't worry, the bottle won't explode. Then take a kitchen towel and place it over the cork while gently twisting and pulling it off. You'll hear a small pop and the job is done with no spilled champagne and less of a jolt than you get opening a tube of biscuit dough.
Yield: 1 Serving
Champagne cocktail flavored with elderflower and vanilla ice cream

Elderflower Vanilla Champagne Float

prep time: 10 minscook time: total time: 10 mins
Recipe for a champagne cocktail flavored with elderflower and vanilla ice cream.


1 Scoop vanilla ice cream
1 oz. Elderflower liqueur
4 oz. Dry champagne

For the rim:
1 Tablespoon corn syrup


Pour a tablespoon or two of the rimming sugar into a shallow dish. Brush the edges of a champagne coupe glass with the corn syrup and roll it around in the sugar. Place in the freezer for a few minutes to set.

Scoop the vanilla ice cream into the prepared champagne glass. Pour the elderflower liqueur over it and top with the champagne.
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This recipe is sponsored by Dell Cove Spices. Thank you for supporting the products I love and use in my kitchen.

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  1. That looks very beautiful as well as delicious! Would love to try this new year eve. Thank you for the recipe.


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