Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brown's Old Fashioned Ice Cream

232 Nubble Road, York, ME, 207-363-1277

Brown's Old Fashioned Ice Cream

Did you say ice cream stand or tourist trap? People who knew we were going to be vacationing on the southern coast of Maine told us we must check out this fixture for a true ice cream delight. Pre- vacation research on the area also found lots of Internet praise for Brown's ice cream. Well, we intended to head to Cape Neddick anyway to see their famous lighthouse and we didn't need our arms twisted to sample some ice cream on a summer vacation.

Brown's Old Fashioned Ice Cream
One vanilla and one chocolate in large chocolate- dipped waffle cones with sprinkles, please! Oh, no sprinkles? OK, we'll take it plain. After all, we LOVE waffle cones and they were good. The vanilla ice cream was very good as well but we'd be hard-pressed to say it beat the Ben & Jerry's cone we'd had the night before or the Sedutto's we enjoy back home in New York. The chocolate was not good at all, however and tasted flat, with little chocolate flavor, like a poor store bought brand.

Chatting later with the gift-shop owner near the lighthouse, we learned that Brown's only makes their vanilla ice cream and buys the rest. That explains a lot. Oh, and $11.00 for the two cones!

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