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Captain Jefferds Inn

5 Pearl Street, Kennebunkport, ME, 800-839-6844

Captain Jefferds Inn

Located just a short stroll from the main square in Kennebunkport, this historic house was re-fashioned as a bed and breakfast in 1980 and has been in the hands of it's present inn-keepers for the past five years.

Captain Jefferds InnThere's no arguing with its charm and impeccable cleanliness. The service is helpful, if politely reserved. There are lots of public spaces both indoors and out to relax, read and enjoy your vacation.

Captain Jefferds InnGuests may also use the computer in the front parlor if they need to check e-mail, web sites or access online maps of the area.

Captain Jefferds InnOne of the loveliest public spaces is the sun room with it's relaxing chairs, baskets of maps, menus and local information and urns of coffee and tea available all day. A small fridge off the room contains complimentary water and soda along with ice and glasses. A display case offers items for sale such as the inn's robes, toiletries or local treats and ceramics. We noticed a package of our pup's favorite (and hard to find) biscuits in there and planned to purchase them when we left but our generous hostess presented them to us as a gift.

Captain Jefferds InnEvery afternoon, complimentary snacks, cheese, crackers, cookies and such are offered in the sun room and can be enjoyed there, on the outside deck or in your room.

Captain Jefferds InnThe web site boasts of their gourmet three-course breakfasts but neglects to mention they're served at a communal table. The inn is undoubtedly romantic and bringing children is discouraged so we were surprised to find this decidedly non-romantic set up. We joined the group on our first morning and people were friendly enough but the conversations were strained and it felt like we were trying to make friends on the first day of a new job. When we first entered the dining room we didn't notice two small corner nooks but another couple (regulars, we later discovered) sat there and a small round table was set up for them.

Captain Jefferds InnThe following morning we arrived in the dining room early and requested one of those private set-ups. The hostess looked a bit perturbed but acceded to our request. And, at the end of the meal, she asked if we would like to reserve that table for the rest of our stay. Oh, yes, we would! A quiet, intimate breakfast for two was much more what we had in mind on our romantic vacation.

Captain Jefferds InnBreakfast itself is delicious at the inn. Every day of our stay we were treated to different varieties of fruit compotes, entrees and sweets. Our favorite breakfast began with a particularly attractive fruit salad served with a delectable mango sauce.

Captain Jefferds InnThe entree of vegetable egg frittata came with sweet & spicy bacon so delicious we asked for the recipe and the meal ended with a light and sweet strawberry shortcake with lots of fresh, ripe berries.

Captain Jefferds Inn
Additional rooms were added onto the back of the house at some point in it's history and those offer outside access and the option to have your four-legged friends accompany you. The inn's website boasts that the newest and most extensive renovation was done to the Baxter Suite, fashioned in the style of a traditional Maine lodge. The room offers air-conditioning (not an automatic amenity in Maine), TV, mini refrigerator, king sized bed and private screened porch. That sounded good to us and we booked it for a late August vacation.

Captain Jefferds InnThe room was lovely although we have a bone to pick with its description on the web site. It's billed as a suite which is defined as more than one room. But, it's not. It's an average sized room with a somewhat cramped bathroom, whirlpool tub for two in the main room and two chairs.

Captain Jefferds InnPretty though it was, at those high prices, we could wish for a bit more attention to detail. For example, the candle by the whirlpool tub was not new and had burned in such a way as to make lighting it difficult. The book of matches next to it was 3/4 empty. One of the wooden slats on the window blinds was broken.

Captain Jefferds InnThe mini fridge tucked into the closet didn't quite fit so it had to stand catty corner. The front door was warped so that it was hard to shut and the top lock didn't line up, making it impossible to lock. The AC was also under- powered for the room. Although, to be fair, this was one of the hottest summers in recent history.

Captain Jefferds InnThe Baxter's private porch had been a big selling feature for us and sitting out there in the crisp early mornings was heavenly. But the foliage right by the entrance, as well as all along the foot path leading to the room was severely overgrown and that made walking uncomfortable and brought us far too close to the foraging bees.

If you're considering a stay in the Baxter we should note that the ceilings are low. Brian is 6'4" and barely...just barely...cleared the beams. Overall, though, Captain Jefferd's Inn is a lovely place and we had a wonderful vacation in Maine.

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  1. I love it here! I have stayed here before and it was such a wonderful time!


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