Monday, March 15, 2010

Gracie's Cafe

1530 York Avenue, New York, NY 10028, 212-517-2667,

Gracie's Cafe
Chicken Souvlaki Platter

We honestly don't recall when this place opened but it was probably a couple of years ago. Walking past, it didn't seem like much more than a deli so we kept walking. But two things happened last summer - we got a puppy and Gracie's set up outdoor tables, nicely placed under an awning and enclosed by pretty planter boxes. We longed to be able to have our puppy with us when we ate out and noticed that many other couples did the same and the place was busy. Suddenly the run-of-the-mill deli seemed like something worth trying.

Gracie's Cafe
Greek Salad
So, one gorgeous Sunday we set off on a stroll by the river with the pup and arrived back at Grace's (it's on our way home) just in time for a late lunch. The outdoor diners were still in full force but we found a table and began studying a menu that offered much more than deli food. That first time we tried chicken souvlaki platters that came with wonderful little Greek salads. On subsequent visits (and there were many) we sampled the burgers and brunch specials. All were excellent and the fries are especially notable. They appear to be coated with some kind of breading that makes them exceptionally delicious.

Gracie's Cafe
NY Burger
We spent the whole of the summer enjoying Gracie's food and outdoor ambiance. Rarely was there a weekend when we were in the city that didn't include a stop there. We mourned the passing of outdoor dining season, when Gracie's finally pulled in the tables and planters. We talked all winter of when it might be warm enough to sit outside there again.

Gracie's Cafe
Hadley, the puppy
This coming weekend will mark the first day of spring. Our puppy is almost a year old. The weather forecast calls for 70 degrees. The rest is inevitable. If you should be passing by Gracie's this Sunday and see a couple wolfing down french fries with a beautiful spaniel lying next to them, do say hi!

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