Monday, April 27, 2009

Dallas BBQ

1265 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10021, 212-772-9393,

Prices are low and portions are large at this noisy, crowded BBQ spot. On a warm Saturday evening, the gigantic dining room was packed at an early hour and long lines were forming. Fortunately for us, most people come with larger groups so a small table for two was quickly available.

This family-friendly establishment is ear-drum shatteringly loud with bustling waiters, clattering dishes and screaming children everywhere. Huge glasses of beer and soda helped us settle in and the room was impressively well air-conditioned on a hot day. We avoided ordering appetizers because we could see that portions were huge so we settled on the pulled pork and brisket of beef.

We hadn't expected much in the way of decor or ambiance when we made our dinner plans but we did hope for some good southern BBQ. Unfortunately, we didn't get it. The pulled pork was somewhat tasteless without generous amounts of BBQ sauce. The brisket was better but tougher than slow-cooked meat should be. A casual inquiry about our entree led to the revelation that it's not even cooked on the premises. It comes in a bag, already sliced and sauced and all the kitchen has to do is re-heat. Quite frankly, it shows.

We give credit to our waitress who was quick, friendly and highly efficient. And we certainly got a lot of food at a bargain price. So, if you're feeding lots of children and are looking for generous amounts of decent food served fast and cheap, this is the place. But good southern BBQ it's not.

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