Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Portland Lobster Company

180 Commercial St, Portland, ME, 207-775-2112

The Portland Lobster Company

On vacation and spending a few hours strolling through the main district by Portland's waterfront, we were hungry but didn't want a full sit-down restaurant lunch. We soon found ourselves at the Portland Lobster Company and we knew we'd found exactly the right spot. Place your order at the counter for authentic Maine lobster rolls or any one of a dozen other seafood or non-seafood options on the menu board and you'll be handed an electronic lobster that will vibrate when your order is ready. Step out to the narrow patio right over the water, find a plastic stool next to the counter and enjoy both the view and the amazing live music.

The Portland Lobster Company
This place is busy so expect a good 20-30 minute wait until your plastic lobster vibrates and you're directed to the pick-up window outside. But, this hand-off system insures that your order will be taken swiftly and efficiently.

The Portland Lobster Company
If you're not a fan of seafood, the Mediterranean lemon chicken wrap with tomatoes, olives, lettuce and feta cheese is far more flavorful than what we've ordered at fancy gourmet places in Manhattan. If you are looking for a traditional Maine lobster roll, as fresh as it could possibly be, you'll not be disappointed.

The Portland Lobster Company
All orders come with french fries nestled at the bottom of the container and a warning not to leave your food unattended lest it become a seagull's lunch. You'll pay dearly for the privilege here - nearly $30 for two sandwiches served in paper boats. But, there no arguing with the freshness, the flavor, the delight of sitting right over the water and the excellent music.

The Portland Lobster CompanyIf you love the smell of the ocean, the sound of shore birds crowing and watching boats come in and out of the we absolutely will LOVE it here!

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  1. I've always wanted to plan a visit to Maine - just for the fresh lobster! Those lobster rolls look so good and well worth the price tag =)


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