Thursday, November 19, 2020

The Pack on Amazon Prime!

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Information about the series, The Pack, on Amazon Prime Video.

We're all watching a lot of Prime and cuddling our pups these days, right. I know Hadley is getting the stuffing hugged out of her daily. And, since I'm a sucker for doggie content, this coming weekend, I'll be watching The Pack, a new series that's premiering on Amazon Prime Video November 20th. I'm pretty sure it's going to be must-see TV around here.

Information about the series, The Pack, on Amazon Prime Video.

Hosted by Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn and her pooch, Lucy, the series features 12 teams of dogs and their people on adventures around the world. The winning duo gets $500,000 and another $250,000 to the animal charity of their choice. During filming, The Pack also donated $250,000 to charities and animal rescues in each country.

Information about the series, The Pack, on Amazon Prime Video.

Hadley says: I went in here because mommy left a bully stick for me. I was gonna just take it and hop out but it's kinda cozy." 

To win, the human/dog teams will face fun and exciting challenges in each location and have to rely on their understanding of each other and their strong bond. And, of course, the challenges were designed with vets and dog experts who accompany the group and make sure it's fun and safe for humans and canines.

Information about the series, The Pack, on Amazon Prime Video.

Hadley says: "I wasn't really sure about the tunnel thingie but mommy had peanut butter waiting for me on the other side so I did it."

Hadley and I are not competing but we did receive a box of goodies to simulate some of the adventures in our home. The balls and play tents and agility tunnel have turned my living room into an exciting new play area. I'm not sure how we'd do in the actual competition but I think my pup is pretty darn smart. In fact, she has a few woofs she'd like to add.

"Woof, woof, mommy's readers. I'm Hadley and mommy says I'm the cutest, smartest puppy that ever was. She took me to the vet last week and he said I was a senior, not a puppy, but mommy told him to hush up.

I know how to do lots of things, like sit and stay, but I also know the names of all my toys. Mommy tells me which toy to bring and I bring it and she's so proud. I think she needs to buy me more toys so I can learn their names too.

I don't know what this Pack thing is, exactly, but I like sitting next to mommy while she watches shows and I like when they have doggies in them. I hope these doggies have great mommies and daddies but my mommy is definitely the bestest."

Don't forget to watch The Pack on Amazon Prime Video, November 20th and check out this link for more information about the show, the challenges and the teams.

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  1. Hadley was the perfect model; though personally I think you should have included some of the outtakes; they were precious too!

    I can't wait for this series!


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