Friday, June 27, 2014

Fruity Iced Tea Lemonade

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Fruity Iced Tea Lemonade

When I think of cooling, refreshing summer drinks I think of iced tea and lemonade.  OK, I also think of frozen daiquiris but we'll discuss that another time.  Rum aside, there are usually beverage pitchers in my refrigerator, in various stages of steeping and cooling, so that I can have my favorite drinks handy.  As for the Keurig brewer, I've never paid it much attention since I'm not the coffee drinker in this house.  That is, until I recently discovered that Lipton makes K-Cups of iced tea for the Keurig.  Um...what?

Fruity Iced Tea Lemonade
It was probably really strange to watch how excited I was as I saw my Keurig brew my first cup of iced tea.  Better still, Lipton makes a variety of iced tea flavors including my beloved lemonade.  Yup.  Perfectly tart and sweet and it can be brewed right over ice for my immediate enjoyment.

Fruity Iced Tea Lemonade
But if they can give me the convenience of ice tea and lemonade together in a K-Cup, I can go one better and add fresh summer fruit.  And mint!  Oh, it's so good with some mint.  Can you tell how happy I was with all of this?

Lipton Iced Tea Lemonade K-Cup
Peach slices
Plum slices
Handful of blueberries
Slices of lemon
A few sprigs of fresh mint

Fruity Iced Tea Lemonade
Place a non-glass cup under the brewer and fill with ice.  Insert a Lipton Brew Over Ice K-Cup into your brewer and hit the brew button.  Fill a tall glass with the fruit, pour your freshly brewed ice tea into it and top with the fresh mint.  I brew a few at a time and put everything into a large pitcher so that the fruit steeps and the tea absorbs the sweet flavors.

You can find Lipton K-Cups in stores and online at nationwide retailers in flavors such as Iced Tea Lemonade,
Classic Unsweetened and Refresh Sweet Tea

For more information on Lipton® Iced Tea K-Cup® packs visit, or


  1. I love the idea of a lemonade that's not overly sweet. I bet the iced tea adds a great flavor!

  2. I would love to drink a huge pitcher of this!!

  3. YUM! I wonder if I could do this with sun tea somehow...

  4. This looks so refreshing. Perfect for porch sittin'.


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