Friday, May 3, 2013

Cinco De Mayo Round Up

With Cinco de Mayo being celebrated this coming Sunday, I'm definitely planning on making a whole lot of Mexican food this weekend.  And while my days of clubbing and pounding down tequila shots may be over, Brian and I can still knock back some holiday appropriate cocktails to go with that food.  Enjoy!

Cinco De Mayo Round Up

Click on the links below to see some of my Mexican inspired recipes and have a great holiday!

Tropical Fiesta Cocktail
Mexican Corn Salad
Cheesy Beef Tortilla Cups
Frozen Watermelon Margarita
Blue Margarita
Torta De Cielo (Mexican Almond Cake)


  1. My favorite holiday!!! It's all about the food... and drink!! Cheers!

  2. These are all such great recipes! I love all the cocktails too!

  3. These all look so yummy and the recipes are great, Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ooh, I want one of each...even though this lightweight would be dancing on tables if I drank 3 cocktails :) So maybe the watermelon margarita...and just park me in front of that guac. YUM!


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