Monday, December 31, 2012

The Year in Review: 2012

The Year in Review:  2012
Some years seem to go by more quickly than others and 2012 was definitely a fast one. Speed aside, it was mostly a good year. Sure, there were some of the normal difficulties of life but we were fortunate to avoid any personal tragedies. We spent the long, cold winter waiting for the first blooms of spring and then took full advantage of the warm weather. We grilled many steaks and sipped many frozen cocktails on summer weekends. We took an amazing vacation to coastal Maine. We went leaf peeping and pumpkin picking in autumn and we cooked up lots of deliciousness for the holidays. And, throughout it all, we had each other and our beloved pup. Our house is peaceful and full of love and that alone made it a good year.

The Year in Review:  2012
Since we prefer to spend New Year's Eve at home, we are cooking up a storm and mixing up the cocktails. And tomorrow, we'll wake up in each others arms and begin a brand new year. For now, we'd like to wish all of you a very happy and healthy new year, filled with joy, love and lots of deliciousness. And we'll leave you with a look back to our top 10 most popular recipes in 2012. Enjoy!

Pumpkin Streusel Bread with Cream Cheese Swirl
Healthy Asparagus Spiral Puffs
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Casserole
Apple Pie Martini
Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
German Cheesecake
Butternut Squash Pasta Bake
Blue Margarita
Pumpkin Crumb Cake
Ultimate Macaroni Salad


  1. Yayyyy! Love the round up, have a great New Year Anita!

  2. Hi Anita. What a great roundup. I loved your sentiment...the house is full of love. What a blessing. And all these dishes are making me hungry. I know what I need to do today...get in the kitchen! Thank you for sharing!

  3. What a fabulous year!

    We'll be home too...ringing in the New year the way it should be done...with loved one!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Love the roundup and the sentiment ... wishing a great 2013 for you, Brian and Hadly.

  5. What a lovely recap of 2012 on your blog! I Hope you have a fantastic New Year and can't wait to see what 2013 brings for the Hungry Couple.

    Jess @ On Sugar Mountain

  6. Y'all are so romantic! I just love it - and about an hour ago I decided I wanted some of your macaroni salad. For some reason, I looked everywhere but your blog for it. And now, I find it is your number one recipe this year. I can tell you why - it rocks!! Making some this afternoon. Love it. Happy New Year Anita and Mr. Hungry!

  7. Such a fabulous foodie year! Happy 2013! :-)

  8. What a great year you guys had - Happy New Years!

  9. Hi Hungry Couple, I wanted to get your permission to create a "Hungry Couple" board on Pinterest to pin my favorite recipes from your blog. If that's ok please let me know. Thanks -Karen

    1. Hi Karen,

      I'd be very flattered to see a Hungry Couple Pinterest board and I'm so glad you like the recipes. Happy new year!

  10. What a collection! I love how lots are pumpkin recipes, one of my favorite ingredients!

  11. YUM....what a great year in review! That pumpkin coffeecake is calling me....and then the strudel one is screaming my name!


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