Monday, September 12, 2011

Noah's Restaurant

136 Front Street, Greenport, NY 11944, 631-477-6720

After strolling around the town of Greenport for a few hours on a lovely warm day, we came to Noah's Restaurant. Hungry, we quickly scanned the menu outside and saw lots of tasty sounding offerings plus the outdoor seating looked quite inviting.  An excellent waiter appeared immediately, showed us to a comfortable table and brought a big carafe of cool water.

In addition to a full menu, Noah's also offers a selection of "tastes" - little tid-bits for the table.  We chose the beer and bacon glazed almonds which were the perfect blend of slightly sweet, slightly salty and with a little extra tang.

We then moved on to salads of roasted beets with grapefruit, avocados and cashews. The idea of grapefruit with beets sounded a bit strange but the Culinary Institute of America serves their beet salad with orange segments and that pairing works so we figured this was worth a try.  Our original concern, however, proved correct and these flavors don't work together.  The cashews were nicely roasted and very flavorful but the rest of the salad was barely dressed or seasoned and we found ourselves adding lots of salt and pepper to try to bring out some flavor.  Definitely a miss!

We fared much better with entrees, however. The pulled duck BBQ over smoked cheddar polenta, although slightly small for an entree, was completely delicious.  And a kobe beef burger with cheese, bacon, assorted pickled vegetables and crispy fries was absolutely perfect.

The disappointing salad notwith- standing, Noah's gets high marks for most of it's food as well as the service and relaxing atmosphere. We'd go back there...although we'd have to have a chat with the chef about those beets.

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