Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flourless Chocolate Soufle Cake - A Delicious Disaster

Flourless Chocolate Soufle Cake - A Delicious Disaster

For the first night of Passover we were headed to Brian's mom's house and I volunteered to bake a flourless chocolate cake. In years past, we've bought the cake and always ended up spending a great deal of money on bakery offerings whose texture more closely resembles dense fudge than cake. I figured I could do better for less.
Comparing a few recipes, I came up with one that looked most reasonable and tweaked it where I thought it didn't look right. I made the batter and got the feeling it would be good. I whipped the egg whites to create volume (no fudge here) and added ground almonds and good vanilla. So, with the oven pre-heating, I reached into the cabinet for my spring-form pan and...it wasn't there! I looked everywhere. I called my mother in case she had it. Nada. I had no choice but to bake the cake in my angel food tube pan.

It came out of the oven looking and smelling great. The top had collapsed some as I expected from a souffle-type cake. A little powdered sugar would make it right, I thought. I let the cake cool completely before even attempting to remove it from the pan. But it was all in vain and the cake broke into pieces as soon as I lifted it off the tube.

Brian inadvertently named this post. He looked at the sad mess of my cake and said "it's a bit of a disaster." While he was contemplating whether we could reasonably bring this to his mother's house, he tasted a piece and immediately said "oh, it's delicious!" So, we brought it and explained what happened. All the guests eyed it warily and assured us there were plenty of other desserts. But at some point in the evening, some of them tried a little piece, looked surprised and then piled their plates high with my chocolate mess.

It was supposed to look like the picture above and I think it would have if baked in the correct pan. So, I'm on the hunt for a new spring form. After all, a taste this good deserves another shot and I'll report back.

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