Monday, October 27, 2008

King's Carriage House

251 East 82nd St., NY, NY 10028, 212-734-5490,

This restaurant is somewhat nondescript from the street and you're hard pressed to find the sign bearing it's name. Upon entering the first impression is that it's cramped and slightly 'rabbit-warren-ey.' But we were shown to the first floor back room dining area that was quite comfortable and romantic.

We were there on a Saturday night during a severe thunderstorm. Unfortunately for the owners, the weather kept most diners at home and we shared the cozy room with only two other couples. Fortunately for us, it made for excellent service and a laughing camaraderie in the dining room every time thunder struck.

The food was quite tasty with well cooked meat dishes served with tasty sauces and accompanied by good wine and a genial atmosphere. Apart from the trickiness of finding the place, it's frustrating that the restaurant's web site gives virtually no information, not even a menu. But what awaits is far better than what was expected. We'd like to have dinner there again, hopefully in better weather, and would definitely like to try the afternoon tea!

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