Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Long Time in Coming...

We've been waiting for Memorial Day weekend almost since the end of last summer.  Sure, there were some fun autumn events and winter holidays to distract us.  But once New Year's Day came and went we started crossing the days off the calendar.  Not that we want to wish parts of our lives away but this winter was so cold and snowy and dreary and long...  Spring came late this year so there wasn't even that to cheer us up.

But at last, summer has come.  Maybe it doesn't officially arrive until June 21st but, at least here in New York, it unofficially arrives on Memorial Day weekend.  That is when summer shares in beach houses begin, corporations start their summer Friday hours and long lines can be seen waiting for the Hamptons Jitney to take them out to the south shore of Long Island.  For those of us blessed enough to have access to a home out there, Memorial Day weekend marks the start of summer grilling, frozen blender cocktails, time spent by the water and a happy doggie chasing her ball on acres of green grass.  It means farm stands and sweet summer fruit and relaxation.  It means happiness.  And we've been waiting a long time...

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