Monday, March 12, 2012

I am Bubbly and Full of Sunshine!

That, at least, is the opinion of Chock Chip Uru, the resident kitchen diva over at Go Bake Yourself, who has given me the Sunshine Award. If, for any reason, you have not already visited this lovely Australian girl's blog than get over there at once. I would, however, advise you to lose some weight first because you will want to eat everything in sight!

Though she is still a very young lady, she is already an accomplished sweets maker, writer and blogger. Unfortunately, when I was her age, my hair was four different colors and I spent my time plotting how to get out of the house to meet some boy. Oh, well...

So, thank you so much for this wonderful award. I am so pleased that you find me fun and bubbly. And for those readers who happen to be related to me or are otherwise intimately acquainted, let me just say that nobody asked you for your opinion :)

I am not certain what the rules are for this particular award but I'm going to pass it on to one of my favorite bloggers. No matter what she's cooking, I will always read her posts because her humor will be sure to leave me smiling. She's recently had a personal difficulty and, even while telling her readers about it, still managed to lay on the wit and charm. What better recipient for the Sunshine Award than Janet at From Cupcakes to Caviar. Speedy recovery, my friend.  Enjoy!


  1. Aw! That's so sweet I love this award :P

  2. Congrats on receiving the award. Also, you have picked an excellent blogger to pass it along too, I am sure it made Janet's day!

  3. Thank you for the lovely shout out my friend - you deserved this award :D
    As did your nominee - nice choice!

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. Awwww... thank you SOOOO much Anita!!! I am honored to have received this form you, one of MY favorite bloggers.


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