Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sponsor Shout Out - Part 1

You may have noticed at the beginning of this month that four sponsors joined Hungry Couple.  Today I'd like to introduce you to two of them.  If you're not already following these two fantastic bloggers, I hope you get to know them because you will certainly love them.  And come back on Thursday for part 2 of this feature where I will introduce you to the other two amazing sponsors for October.

The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen

My friend and fellow New Yorker, Susan, is The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen and her cooking blog focuses on using local and seasonal ingredients.  I've seen her kitchen and it is, indeed, red and...little!  But Susan shows how it's possible to whip up original gourmet creations in a small environment.

Susan grew up on the North Shore of Long Island but these days she shares her cool Brooklyn digs with her husband of 4 years and a 3 1/2 year old pug named Sir Pugsley.  When she's not cooking up a storm or listening to her musician husband play, she toils at a large theatrical organization on Broadway.  But she hopes, someday, to make the culinary arts her full time profession.

Even though cooking is still a hobby, Susan is a wiz at culinary competitions.  She entered the Brooklyn Cookie Takedown and won with her Chocolate Salty-Car-Mal-Lards, a cookie that includes duck fat caramel!  Her win at the Marx Foods Risotto Competition was for her Lemon Risotto with Fava Beans and Shrimp.  Another of her favorite recipes is her Lobster Salad with Avocado, Corn and Tomato, simple, fresh and delicious.  But speaking of duck, Susan is particularly proud of an experiment that resulted in some amazing Duck Bacon.  Oh, my!  I am actually supposed to be competing against Susan in an upcoming cooking challenge so I'm clearly going to have to have her kidnapped for the day!

The Messy Baker

My friend Jennie is The Messy Baker and how can you not love a woman who thinks it's fine to make a mess in the kitchen and poses for a photograph with bottles of wine!  She's all about delicious, easily accessible food that people crave and want to eat.  If you drool after reading one of her recipes and then think about it all day than she's done her job!

Jennie lives in Baltimore, MD with her husband, a golden retriever named Maddox and an evil orange kitty named Watson.  When she's not making a mess in her kitchen, she's finishing her degree in English and has her eye on pastry school (sshh, don't let her hubs know).  In the meantime, she admits to a slight addiction for OPI nail polish, antique teapots, Alice in Wonderland and pigs.  Yes, pigs.

Food-wise, Jennie prefers her meals spicy, with a Tex/Mex flair and a plate of donuts for dessert.  And just as her taste and interests are varied, so are her recipes.  Not just a baker, her recipes include Lemon Bars, Chipotle Turkey Burgers, Chicken Parmesan, Maple Nut Granola and Coconut Mojitos.  How's that for a variety of deliciousness?!  All I can say is, Jennie, if I ever visit Baltimore, I'll expect you to greet me with all those dishes.  Start with the mojito!


  1. Yayyyy sponsors! And some of my favorite ladies :D

  2. Anita, I love the post. You did such a great job. I thought you'd like the picture of me with the wine bottles. It's how I roll!

  3. Yay for sponsors! And what lovely ladies too! Can't wait to explore their blogs.

  4. Love sponsors, i have to go and check out the other blogs.

  5. 3 great bloggers! You, Messy Baker, and Girl in the little red kitchen! Love and follow you all! I've got to go find that duck bacon recipe!

  6. Oh my god. I never commented here. I'm such a bad cosponsor. Thanks for a lovely post Anita!


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