Monday, May 4, 2009

American Bounty Restaurant at the CIA

American Bounty Restaurant at the CIA
Asparagus Salad
The menu at the American Bounty is seasonal with a lot of emphasis on presentation. A classic beet & goat cheese salad got an updated look but retained the great classic taste and a gnocchi appetizer was perfectly flavored. An entree of fillet of beef served with purple potato salad and fried plantains was tender and delicious. Unfortunately, we did find the plantains to be a little overdone and tough. A BBQ short rib that melted in the mouth was served over a tasty spiced coleslaw and fabulous yucca fritters.

American Bounty Restaurant at the CIA
BBQ Shortribs w/Spicy Slaw & Yucca Balls
Both the wine and dessert menus offer excellent choices but a benefit of dining at the CIA is the occasional appearance of guest chefs and their specialty dishes. On this day we were treated to a special dessert called the "Jackie O" cake which was a huge chocolate concoction guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth.

American Bounty Restaurant at the CIA
The "Jackie O" Cake
The service is a work- in- progress as culinary students learn that the "front of house" is as important as the kitchen. But for all the occasional ineptitude, the student staff is friendly and eager to please. They're excited about their future professions and will happily tell you about the school and their senior rotation in these restaurants that give them their first opportunity to serve paying customers. We found that the beauty and comfort of the restaurant and surroundings coupled with the excellence of the meal more than made up for the learning curve of the servers.

Most of the CIA's restaurants have a dress code and reservations are both required and hard to come by so plan ahead and enjoy!

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